Fish farming business plan in ghana accra

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Fish farming business plan in ghana accra

There is room for increased supply of pineapple to the EU market. There is investment opportunity for commercial production of pineapple on 50, hectares under irrigation in the Bole-Bamboi District of Ghana. Feasibility studies completed indicate suitability of plots and location for commercial production of seven other crops.

Investors may build and operate facility and grow pineapples themselves or partner State organisation to develop the facility for rental by pineapple growers.

Existing juice companies import pineapple juice concentrate for further processing for the local market and the West African sub-region. Strategic options include setting up new factories or upgrading operations of existing small scale processors through introduction of forced drying techniques and equipment, provision of convenience packaging for export market as a service and or supply of convenience packaging equipment.

Fruit supply can be guaranteed through supply contracts with small scale farmers. Fresh Produce Handling Establishment of commercial packhouses for handling of fruits and vegetables Privately operated commercial packhouses are needed in farming areas as well as in marketing centres across the country.

Strategically, cool trucks could be linked with packhouses in the production areas and the city centres. This needs to be nationally operated by private investors commercially. It entails the supply, cleaning and replacement of plastic crates.

There is the need for continous supply of thick flesh tomato hybrid seeds to the farming community. Large quantities of hybrid tomato seeds currently imported but aclimatisation is usually a challenge.

Need to establish private seed breeding and seed multiplication centres in different ecological zones of the country and develop suitable seeds for thick flesh tomato for the different ecological zones.

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Strategic options include partnering tomato associations who then offtake consumer packed tomatoes for sale.

Also memorandum of understanding could be established with the three tomato processing facilities, each located within the three different tomato growing zones, to offtake grades other than grade A for processing. Strategic option is to coopt the existing tomato transporters who currently use open trucks, to obtain cool trucks under lease arrangements.

Another option is to have contractual arrangements with the tomato fruit terminals to lift all their produce. Investment is needed in both equipment and technology as well as appropriate packaging material. Maize Building and operation of maize warehouses with drying and cleaning facilities Ghana has a total of 1.

Warehouses need to be constructed in major maize production zones for puchase of maize from small scale farmers which then needs to be dried, cleaned and stored. Other warehouses need to be constructed in major cities from where maize would be wholesaled. A strategic option is to work with organised farmers who are assisted with production inputs to guaranttee supply of maize.

However yields under rainfed cultivation are low. Irrigating maize will result in higher yield, increased productivity and lower prices of maize. Maize is a major component of poultry feed and is consequently demanded in high quantities by poultry feed manufacturers.

Strategic options include construction of new irrigation systems for maize production as well as cultivation on existing irrigation schemes.

fish farming business plan in ghana accra

Soyabean is imported for extraction of oil for local and export markets. The resulting soyabean cake is processed for poultry feed however demand for soyabean cake far outstrips supply hence large quantities of soyabean meal is imported for poultry feed.

The quantity of soybean grown locally is low 85, tonnes and yields are very low about 1 ton per hectare. Improved technology of production is needed. Mechanised production of soyabean on commercial scale under irrigation, will improve yields to about 6 tons per hectare, increasing yield, productivity and profitability.

Strategic options include signing supply contracts with processors to ensure sales. Also turn key investment from farming of soyabean through oil extraction and production of soyabean meal for poultry is still an interesting investment option. Tilapia Establishment of Tilapia farms using cage culture techniques Total consumption of fish is estimated atmetric tonneshowever the national production of fish stood atmetric tonnes out of which aquaculture contributed 10, metric tonnes.For two straight years, the year-old has been crowned the best farmer in his village of Aponoapona, in eastern Ghana.

In a region renowned for its organic cocoa yields, Nartey is the single-largest producer of organic fair trade cocoa. The mission of the Collective Black People Movement is to gather, document, and organize the Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education) of African (Black) People for the purpose of .

As farming chickens has grown, Ghana has opened 4 hatcheries in the Ashanti region and 2 in the Accra region that produce day-old chicks and Guinea keets for commercial production. 12 feed mill companies and 4 poultry slaughterhouses are located throughout the regions; two of the poultry slaughterhouses provide mobile services.

Visit the fish farmers association Ghana to know exactly what it takes to start a fish farm in Ghana. This association will also connect you to fish farming companies in Ghana which is a good place to start.

History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation.

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Ghana is a colonial creation, pieced together from numerous indigenous societies arbitrarily consolidated, and . Investing in Ghana's Fishing Industry SECTOR OVERVIEW. The fishery sector in Ghana principally encompasses marine fishery, inland (fresh water) fishery and aquaculture fishery as well as related activities in fish storage, preservation, marketing and distribution.

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