A personal recount on moving to another neighbourhood

Abrams' announcement effectively hands victory to Republican Brian Kemp in a bitter race that has drawn national attention both for her historic campaign and for Kemp's role as the state's top election administrator. Abrams accused Kemp of using his position as Georgia Secretary of State to interfere with the vote - an allegation he has strongly denied.

A personal recount on moving to another neighbourhood

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What do Toronto city councillors do? Premier Doug Ford surprised Toronto in July with his plan to reduce council from 47 seats to 25, now known as Bill 5.

City staff are examining if and how the city can challenge the proposed legislation in court, but there remains a strong possibility Toronto will run its fall election under a ward system, with each councillor representing on average ofresidents. If there were 47 wards, each councillor would represent an estimated 60, residents.

In those cities, the extra layer of government is another way for residents to have their voices heard. Years later, neighbourhood councils advise their council members on contentious developments, award grants to local organizations and make city staff aware of minor problems like potholes that need to be filled, or traffic lights that need to be synchronized, Liu said.

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In New Yorkbesides a mayor and council members, citizens elect borough presidents, who appoint residents to advisory community boards.

The chairs of each board meet regularly with their borough president and local councillors to initiate and review plans for the borough. Article Continued Below In both L.

A personal recount on moving to another neighbourhood

If Toronto wants some version of what the U. Councillors sit on the community council that their ward is in, hold public hearings and make decisions and recommendations on local planning matters.

Most decisions made at community council end up going to city council for final approval. The role of community councils should be expanded, Flynn agreed. Last year, the province under Liberal rule changed the City of Toronto Act to include a section on community councils that states they can be composed of councillors, individuals appointed by council or a combination.

City council meetings often get bogged down by these hyperlocal agenda items instead of sticking to more pressing citywide issues.

Eidelman was part of a team that put this and other recommendations to improve governance to councillors last year. Only one of the 14 recommendations was adopted. It would need the province to make that change.

Better representation is something Toronto needs, no matter the number of wards, said a group of citizens who participated last week in an event held to discuss the future of local democracy organized by St.

For the past two years, Toby Nicol, a member of St. The drive for change will have to come from the mayor, and should be an election issue, Flynn said.

Follow her on Twitter:In an unprecedented move, the Catholic Church scuttled a vote on reforms to address the sex-abuse crisis in America.

Survivors recount Sabra-Shatila massacre | | Al Jazeera

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Whether you want to go back in time to reminisce on your favorite road trips or . On Thursday, the council hired The Mercer Group, of Daytona Beach, to conduct another search for a town manager.

The search is expected to take three months and cost about $15, Moving Help Delivery With this option you choose local moving helpers to deliver the U-Box container.

The best part about this option is you can easily add-on loading help. This means they not only drop off, but also safely pack the container and return it to your neighborhood U-Haul location. Survivors recount Sabra-Shatila massacre. a predominantly Lebanese neighbourhood just outside the camps.

the group was forced to move by the fighters. On the way, Khalifa and a few other.

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